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Welcome to the Launch of the UnifiedTheoryofPsychology Blog!

What if the field of psychology had a unified theory that virtually all agreed was the correct one? What if, as a group, we psychologists could clearly define the discipline, unite the various psychological paradigms into a coherent meta-paradigm, and clarify psychology’s relationship to the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities? It boggles the mind to ponder the implications of such a thing.

Yet, that is what we are exploring with this blog.

Over the past decade, a set of ideas has emerged which has the promise to alter the foundations upon which the discipline has been traditionally built.  This blog will be concerned with several different threads, including but not limited to the following:

 1. Articulating the elements of the unified theory and discussing their application and implications.

2. Clarifying how the unified theory solves the problem of psychology and assimilates and integrates key ideas from the field.

 3. Examining the ways the theory can be applied in clinical practice and how it might enhance our everyday understanding of human affairs.

 4. Exploring the philosophical implications the theory has for long standing issues such as the mind-body problem/connection and the relationship between science and human values.

We hope you find this site to be stimulating and engaging and welcome your comments!


Gregg Henriques

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